A truly decentralized launchpad for Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Innovation for bootstrapped projects has been grinding to a halt on the Ethereum blockchain. Exorbitant gas fees has nearly caused new project launches to stall and existing projects to lose user engagement – staking, claiming, and normal trades are costing ETH users hundreds in transaction fees.

And this trend will likely continue.

But innovation cannot be stopped. Over the past several months, developers have sought lower-cost options to deploy their experiments. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has become the go-to platform for new product launches based on Solidity, and for existing projects looking to stay alive.

BSC launchpads today are too bureaucratic – they require KYC and a manual selection process that is a reminder of the old barriers that have traditionally kept new innovation only accessible to the rich.

We believe communities are an important contributor to addressing many of the worlds problems. We believe, that given the correct tools, communities can come together and take matters into their own hands.

That is why we have developed BSCstarter – it is a community-governed launchpad for raising capital for BSC projects, that isn’t filled with government red tape and KYC rules. Instead, it is the BSCstarter community that will determine which projects to list. It is the BSCstarter community that uses their collective due diligence and DYOR skills to vote Yes or No on projects coming through BSCstarter looking for funds.

Let us filter through the messy landscape where rugs overshadow the great potential of our growing ecosystem on BSC.

Join the first community-oriented network for raising capital that will quickly become the go-to place to find the next high quality gems who are looking for an affordable place to call home for their smart contracts.

Applying for a sale on BSCstarter is very simple, and more importantly, very affordable! Here is how:


How It Works – Sale

Participating in a presale is a simple as 1.2.3! Just follow the steps below.



The BSCstarter team does not endorse, support or otherwise perform any due diligence on the projects listed on its platform. As always, please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing any of your hard-earned BNB into these projects and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

BSCstarter Holder Benefits

Wondering what are the benefits of being a START HODLER? At launch, here are some of the amazing benefits available to all!

* IDO PARTICIPATION: Hodlers staking at least 50 START tokens can participate in future IDOs on BSCstarter
* VOTING POWER: Hodlers staking at least 100 START tokens can vote to approve or deny projects on BSCstarter
* EARN BNB: Hodlers staking at least 1,250 START tokens
* HODLER DISCOUNT: Hodlers staking at least 1,250 or more START tokens
* FUTURE BENEFITS: as we acquire the financial resources to establish BSCstarter as a viable fundraising platform for the long term, more benefits will be unveiled specifically for START token holders

Be an engaged member of the BSCstarter community, let your voice be heard AND get paid in BNB!


START Tokenomics

Total Supply 1M
Presale Supply 450K
Liquidity 225K
Incubator Grant 50K
Development 75K
Partnerships 125K
Marketing 25K
Team  50K

START Token Offering

Presale Supply  450K
Purchase Option  BNB
Presale Price  $1.50
Listing Price  $1.75

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